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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Awkward. Revelations and Truths

I've always had an over active imagination........

Not in the "OH MY GOD!!!! LSD was slipped into my veins while I lay there helpless in my mother's womb" usual way

But in a way that would make you scream, at the top of your voice and in one breath for dramatic flare

* cue ermahgerd girl meme *

 "HOLY CRAB CAKE!!! Are those all the thoughts in your head constantly working out different scenarios in which every step you take, could take you and inevitably making your serotonin levels drop considerably"

*looks out for an unmarked ambulance, destination : unknown asylum*

But the total misery beauty of youth is that you're always so blinded with the thoughts of being alone and unique that when you realise that there's bound to be someone out there, just like you, you end up wishing you came to this realisation before you ended up wasting all those tears and nights, wondering why your mind is so clouded with all these voices, forever impairing my judgement...

*looks out window again*

They aren't here yet, I'll be fast


They be asking me questions like:
Do you love this shit?
Are you high right now?

Drake, stop messing with my flow

Basically questions on every little thing
It never stops
Then I started watching an MTV series a while back,
Which looks into the life of Jenna Hamilton
From her point of view
Through her thoughts
And I LOVED IT!!!!!!

It's not the first time I've related to the cast of a show
or maybe just one
But this time it wasn't because of one quality
or the similarities in struggles
It was on a whole
She reminded me of myself:

Down to earth
Focused but still troubled
Never really fitting in her own skin
Surrounded by awesome friends
Use of new age lingo with self coined words
Constantly trying to figure it all out

So I watched it like it was my religion
Watching episodes
Over and Over
And Over Again
Which ended up meaning I knew certain conversation to heart


The second season is almost over
But this weeks episode really hit me
She was going on and on about how she could have done things differently
With the two guys she loved
Trying to undo her wrongs
Which all ended in failures
Failures mainly because she wasn't happy
And ended up realising that the route we take most often than not, is the best route and that they make us who we are
and I love the person I am
So why would I want to change the good and bad things that irrevocably made me the person I am today?

Makes you think that there's probably someone out there making all this possible
That in the schemes of  things
There's someone watching over us?
Maybe not?
This journey isn't over
So all we can is LIVE!!!!!!

*hears doors slam outside and runs away, into the blackened fog*

|I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris

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