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Monday, January 23, 2012

everything in moderation

Seated on my bed ready to type up a post and I should be studying, I need to set my priorities straight.. Wait! I sorta am, inspiration over crude methods of cramming information I say, but only for a while.. :)

"Everything in moderation"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

the man in the mirror

I just had one of those moments in life when shit hits you in the back of your head at full throttle straight from your past... I actually wouldn't call it shit, I'd call it a grain of rice that startled me enough for me to shit my pants leaving me humiliated and in search of a place of solace, namely, my head....

I have trust issues...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

just living life

*finds comfortable area on bed and starts typing*

"where to start?"....

first question on my mind really when I'm about to blog, second one would be,

"where is this going?"...

to be quite honest, I really don't know but 2012 looks like a promising year, more books to read, more films to watch and plenty more to learn from life so I trust things are bound to get interesting... started off with "how to kill a mockingbird" this year, felt like the classics.. anyway, let's just say I'm just living life the best I can and enjoying the holiday while it lasts..

*shuts down laptop and sleeps*

Monday, January 2, 2012

summer love

Summer, I mean the African one.... Okay! Not really the African one, more like the Kenyan one.. Let's see, we basically have two seasons; the wet(cold) and the dry(hot)... Somewhere between them is the short and the long rainy seasons.... The long rainy (wet.. dah! ) season is around July which is the cold season and the short rains are around October making the dry season in between so like from November to March and August to September so technically December is summer (sort of our "woohoo" break it being around Christmas with schools closed and all) and our spring is in August to September.......

Enough of that, straight to the story.....

Anyway, so summer (think hot Nairobi December weather, no clouds in sight and the need to go the coast searing through your veins) was really good, always is really but this time I actually fell for someone.....
Summer flings? Haa! who'd have thank.. (it's sounds way cooler that way.. don't judge.. :P)
Went on vacation to Tanzania *cue the coastal taarab music*, Dar Es Salaam to be more precise and bumped into this gorgeous human being.... (I stretched the truth there a little, I didn't bump, I sorta planned to meet them.... I know, I know, I can't take it as coincidence so "bump" is misleading but I could argue that the fact that the arranged meeting took place without prior confirmation ipso facto means it can be judged as coincidence...... Ignore that, just know they're AWESOME!!!, that's the relevant bit... :D ) and we spent every bit of time we could together and it was AHMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Watched a film, Mission Impossible 4, I liked that one, would be hard not to with a screen that huge.... Got a tour of the town, bless their soul, and all the nitty gritty gossip about the city, which isn't much considering there's nothing much to do there.. Okay, let me elaborate, there's not much to do there in terms of events and youth stuff.... It didn't make any sense but I was given the impression that places like Alliance Francaise and Goethe Institut in Dar weren't really marketing their stuff to the "watu wa kawaida (average person)" and therefore things like the free Monday films, art displays, plays and other random artsy stuff we take for granted weren't really happening there, made me love Nairobi that much more.. :( Anyway, so all this awesomeness happened; the bus rides (not as congested as I'd imagined, thank God for holidays), road side food (it was delicious...... Loved the "zege"- chips fried in eggs.. Way to a man's heart I tells ya :D ), the leisurely walks and the lengthy conversations, and at the end of it all, I was hooked......... Pretty sad I had to leave but the internet's always there so we still keep in touch (not the same really but I'll make due)..... Thinking of doing the whole long distance thing but that never really worked before so I'll just see how it goes.. Glad we met though, wouldn't change it for the world....

Seems to be my theme this year, letting things take their own course, a less vulgar description of the "fack dat shit" mantra I got accustomed to...

Can't wait to see what the new year's got for me.. :D