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Thursday, July 14, 2011

of exes and labels

The fly is dead…
Found it on my window sill today...
I bet he came to say goodbye… J
Kinda feel like he deserves a burial
Shit! Is it even male?
*attempts to find out gender*
HEEEEEEEEEY!! I wasn’t looking for boy bits.
My best friend ranted about his ex today
Sorta wish he’d give that up and move on
Don’t know where to but anywhere is better than where he is right now
But I’m sure he will soon
Vixan broke up with me today
I know what ya’ll are thinking
That hypocrite,
How dare he hate on his friend for lingering on 'the ex' and tell us he broke up with his ex again?
Well, it’s not that simple
She didn’t like the ambiguity of our current relationship
Nah! ‘Status’ sounds much better
…… current status
I wasn’t leading her on
I promise
We were just having a great time
We both broke up with the people we were dating and started hanging out again
We were exes
We were allowed
It was fun
Now she had to try and define what we have
Made it more complicated
Made it more of an issue
Made it more of a thing
With mass and everything
I don’t like labels
Life’s got too many grey areas to categorize
She had a problem
I tried to fix it
Asked her what she wanted
She said she wanted us to have boundaries
“Have any in mind”, I asked
“Nope, you feel hungry? We should split a serving of chips”, she replied.
She got all ‘dark cloud’ and I was my usual positive self
I’m sorry when I get uncomfortable I tend to laugh a lot
And when she gets this way I don’t know what to do
So I just try to lighten the mood
It’s how I deal with things
Didn’t work
Don’t know how she’s doing
Can’t call because I’ll seem too nice
I like her
Too bad it can’t work out
The fly is dead.
It could be a sign.
Hope is lost.
Guess we’ll just be friends now.
Wasn’t that what we were to begin with?
I'm perplexed.
See why I hate labels?
They just confuse you.

|Fix You- Coldplay


  1. I completely agree with one thing you said there. :p But I can't say for fear of losing my life.

  2. @ random,yeah..vixan...great girl...and she doesnt want to let go...and i suspect,neither does supirichuarist... man....
    @supirichuarist...ya'll have a complicated much as it pains me to say this-if y'all really want to move on-you have to let go ...let go of more random more random more fb more shopping expeditions to gikomba...and i hope you realise how much you'll have to it really worth it to let go of that? is it? you two are friends first before anything...friends are hard to come by and you know its up to you..either way,the both of you will get hurt...

  3. Closet case is right... guess the boundaries need to be set or else we might loose what we have already... *picks up phone and calls vixan*
    Art-Droid, I'm sure he won't kill you... maybe just mame you a little..
    Random, she's random like that.. :)