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Monday, June 20, 2011

If i had a shrink...

I've been rather depressed the past couple of days, okay, i shouldn't say a couple, that sounds like a week or two, it's been for the past three days. When i say depressed, i don't mean that "you'll get back up" sort of way but more of a "oh shit! the foundation's cracked" morbidly exaggerate sort of way. On sites, when the foundation cracks everything stops because without the foundation, the house can't be built. Well, there's usually one of two ways to go ahead, remove the damn thing, redesign it and start over or quit.
I feel depressed and i'm stuck at the fork on the road. Yes, the one that lets me choose between finding out why I'm all mopy or giving up because i can't be arsed to care about my future and try to live..
How do I know I'm depressed? Well, if the constantly teary eyes and the slight bipolar disposition haven't caught your eye then u're blind. It always boils down to whether I can hold a smile and look like I mean it for at least ten seconds. I've been through this a lot as you may have probably deduced. I just always feel.. I always feel... I always feel but i never know.. That's the reason I'm like this. Yes, you're beginning to find out that I need to know things. I never know things. I don't mean general things like the cheapest modest eatery around, I mean things about myself. I'm never sure when I make decisions or whether i'm making a decision or if there's a decision to be made at all. I'm exhausted because I don't know if i'm living life like i should. I don't have a guide book and any experiences shared don't even remotely resemble my problems if I even have problems.
Is this all life is about, floating helplessly in a sea of nothingness for our entire lives hoping for a flicker of hope that really isn't going to show up? *waits for a response*

Saturday, June 18, 2011

after all the dust has settled

How has life been the past couple of weeks?
One word,
A bit too simple.
It's had it's ups and downs.
Ins and outs.
I'll explain that in a minute.
And generally I've felt less of myself that I did when I was in a relationship.

I find it harder to smile.
I still laugh
Oddly more than I did before.
Could it mean I'm happier
Easily taken away by hysteria
Masking my emotions
Am I masking my emotions?
I am..

Relationships suck when they end.
You work so hard to be with someone,
Working towards the same goal,
Then in one second it's gone,
The plans,
The dreams,
All gone......
For the best usually,
It was for the best....
Sometimes not towards the goal you were hoping for,
Side lined.
That's when you have to abandon ship I guess...
When you loose yourself...
So the dust has settled...
I'm at peace I guess...
Better off, they say...

I feel like crap really...
Used and discarded.
Not really used, more like salvaged from the mangling jaws of junk yard,
Guess it's time to dust myself off and move on.
Easier said than done really...
But needed all the less..
Here goes nothing...

*takes first step*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

through all thing, fear remains my constant .....

I feel like every waking moment of everyday my purpose of being, my reason for existing is to wait for something bad to happen..
I'm paralysed by fear..
Not just fear but the fear of the unknown...
I can't let go.....
I can't just let go..

I self-analyse myself.. a lot... sorta why why I still think me and the vixan are meant to be each other.. We calm each others crazy.. :)

Anyway, my point? My point is i try to live my life as spontaniously as possible because i'm afraid that at any moment things won't be as great as they are right now..
Not because I see life as a precious gift that should be cherished but because I want to enjoy it while i still want to....

I don't want to regret not enjoying my life when i had the chance to.. and from all that maybe death won't be hard to bear..

I'm afraid of death....
Not not existing but how i'll stop existing...
And not just how but if i'll be happy...
If i'll have met the right person... if i had tried hard enough..
If i had fried fish when i craved it..

I don't want to live with regrets.. Or worse go to grave with them....

Guess that my purpose in life,
to have no regrets....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Next?

I think I have very high standards, a little too high sometimes to the point I think it's just walls I'm building. Every time I think I've met the person for me I end up doing something to sabotage it, willingly or unwillingly. I console myself by saying "maybe it wasn't made to be.. maybe I haven't met the right people.."
Where are they then??
I met someone the other day and we hit it off. Couldn't stop starring into those gorgeous eyes of theirs.. Gosh! If could drown, my lungs would be full water by now.. Anyway, we had a blast. We just sat down at some restaurant in town and sipped on some hot water with honey and some lemon wedges as we got to know each other.. They're doing a B.A course in some private university in Limuru and are rather interesting to chat with. We laughed a little, okay, a lot, and enjoyed each others company while it lasted.. I walked them down to their bus stop, bid them fair well and met up with a few of my friends.. I couldn't stop thinking about them all night but things changed, okay my perception changed..
When I go out with someone, I think of it as a long term deal if not, what am I doing it for? Basically they went through my 'soul mate' criteria and didn't quite make it to the end.. Who am I kidding, they where down and out within a few seconds..
See what I mean by having high standards??
This isn't the first time I thought I'd met the one and ended up stepping back and letting the distance kinda nudge them in the right direction which is usually away from me. It doesn't work quite well sometimes but it's better than looking someone in the face and going, "Honey, it's not, it's me.. I just don't know what I want right now.. I have to let you go" .. Didn't work quite well the last time I used it.
Before all this happens my mind goes round in circles..
Are they the one?
Are perfect for me?
Will I lose interest(almost always do)?
Can I date them?
No, they're too fat...
No, they're too butch.. LOL
No, they're too girly...
No, they're too reserved...
No, they just ain't my type... (what's my type anyway?? o_O)
No, they're too old... (I should keep that one... just saying.. )
No, they remind me too much of my ex... (this one too... there's a reason it didn't work out.. )
No, they live too far.... (so much for love having no boundaries... convenience holds power overall...)

Wait ! Maybe I'm too picky or just plain vain........................
*pauses and thinks*

Reminds me of the phone conversation I had with my da just last week, went something like this..
"Hey you"
"Hi Dad?"
"So, when am I seeing your girlfriend?"
"Ehm! I haven't found one yet"
"Maybe you should lower your standards a bit"
"Really Dad?!"
"I could get you one?"
"Good luck with that"

Makes me wonder if something not wired straight somewhere in here..
I've always felt like I'm the only one blindly manoeuvring through life when everyone else has got a map and a flash light.. I mean really, I feel like I don't know what I'm doing and no one else feels this way... Even basic instincts feel wrong....
Or am I over-thinking it?
Don't think so..........................

I can't even have a functional relationship with another human being....................

So, the basic fabric of my existence is flawed and my social skills down right impaired..

What Next?