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Saturday, June 18, 2011

after all the dust has settled

How has life been the past couple of weeks?
One word,
A bit too simple.
It's had it's ups and downs.
Ins and outs.
I'll explain that in a minute.
And generally I've felt less of myself that I did when I was in a relationship.

I find it harder to smile.
I still laugh
Oddly more than I did before.
Could it mean I'm happier
Easily taken away by hysteria
Masking my emotions
Am I masking my emotions?
I am..

Relationships suck when they end.
You work so hard to be with someone,
Working towards the same goal,
Then in one second it's gone,
The plans,
The dreams,
All gone......
For the best usually,
It was for the best....
Sometimes not towards the goal you were hoping for,
Side lined.
That's when you have to abandon ship I guess...
When you loose yourself...
So the dust has settled...
I'm at peace I guess...
Better off, they say...

I feel like crap really...
Used and discarded.
Not really used, more like salvaged from the mangling jaws of junk yard,
Guess it's time to dust myself off and move on.
Easier said than done really...
But needed all the less..
Here goes nothing...

*takes first step*

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