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Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm going to die alone

I really am.
I think I want to, thus the constant heartbreak.
Either that or I'm not meeting the right people.
Or I'm meeting the right people and I'm the problem.

ted mosby something wrong with me

Post-break up blues
This has been the past two weeks in a nutshell

I slipped

Reached out and got the door slammed in my face

I wondered why I didn't see them for what they were sooner.

Got slightly angry. Yeah, slightly!

The numbness kicked in.

Then the anger, with life in general

Recurrent realizations were made, as usual. I'd made them before. I wonder why I even write them dowm anymore if I'm going to chuck logic out the door every time I meet someone I like.

Asked the universe to give me what I need.

Then I remembered,



Because face it, the reason my relationships suck is because I'm never in them. I don't share. I need someone I can be myself around.

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