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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fine! You are an 'issue'..

I ignore you every single day.. Subconciously omitted from my thoughts abd thought process.. The itch in my bum, the thorn in my side and the pebble in my foot.. You weren't an issue as long as you didn't affect me at all but now you've done more than that..

I look at people who are overweight differently..
Not in any way that would be deemed prejudicial but because I don't like you everything about you pisses me off from your juvenile behavior to your fat.. You disgust me and I don't like you to the point it almost seems like hate..
So just DIE!!! ..

As for my general outlook on people who maybe overweight, you are to blame and I wish you were never born..

The sad reality that is my life.. why do i bother??

Life is one whole continuous cycle. A film in a loop never really changing much. I'm bored and tired of all this madness. It's not really madness but it comes close.

Why can't i get what i want sometimes. I live a simple enough life, not that too cluttered to confuse myself in terms of my basic needs and some needless wants. With that in mind, you should have figured I don't ask for much.
So why not throw me a bone one of these days?? My life has always been like this. No expectations. It's simple like that but hurtful when nothing actually bares fruit and even worse when promises come your way and dont pull through either.
Ask for a laptop, wait a whole year..(i don't mind the wait buy would it kill you to surprise me once in a while??)
Get promised a big holiday, go to shags instead.(don't plant a thought in my head when you know it won't work.. havent you noticed i don't get excited anymore?? i love spending time with the family.. i'm sure to have fun-no matter how forced my expressions may be-)
Meet the person of your dreams, they don't give you what you want or need out of the relationship.. (i love you but please! would it kill you to actually do something.. anything.. i'm supposed to be the sunshine in the rain that may come into your life, so don't make me feel like jusr anothet raindrop)
My life is sad enough when you have a truck load of insecurities but add the fact that nothing goes for you and that's too much to handle.
I don't wanna give up completely.. I'm already at 10%, if i get any lower i'll be borderline suicidal.. Cut me some slack and let something good come my way..

Monday, December 13, 2010

for the love of food

"I love food"

This statement rolls off my tongue almost everyday. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, all I think about is food. I feel like a child again on the eve of his birthday. The anticipation builds as that plate of food draws nearer and nearer and as it gets laid on my table

Food is my mistress.
I am filled with the pleasure it gives me..

"I love food"