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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fine! You are an 'issue'..

I ignore you every single day.. Subconciously omitted from my thoughts abd thought process.. The itch in my bum, the thorn in my side and the pebble in my foot.. You weren't an issue as long as you didn't affect me at all but now you've done more than that..

I look at people who are overweight differently..
Not in any way that would be deemed prejudicial but because I don't like you everything about you pisses me off from your juvenile behavior to your fat.. You disgust me and I don't like you to the point it almost seems like hate..
So just DIE!!! ..

As for my general outlook on people who maybe overweight, you are to blame and I wish you were never born..


  1. jus for the record...he wishes you were dead to....

  2. I find that hard to believe..
    I'm more of an obstacle.. Not feeling at home in your own home is the worst feeling you can ever get..