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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the universe is being unkind and i'm taking it like a man..

He opened my door and asked if i was leaving for town with him basically scaring me half to death. He opened my door and waltzed into my room like it was nothing, like my privacy wasn't worth respecting. For the record my own mother knocks so why does he just walk right in with an air of nonchalance. I lay in bed wondering how i'd explain it all in a way that wouldn't seem disrespectful, maybe through my mother or maybe on the ride to town. Just blurt it out as a way of breaking the mostly comforting silence between us. I can't be arsed to try and get to know him better, i know him well enough and we have nothing in common. I digressed. So how would i do it? wait! i live on a planet called 'passive aggressivon' and i'm their king so i'll just lock the door so that he gets the hint.
Problem solved and crisis averted.

I went shopping today. Planned to go with a few of my friends but the universe had other plans for them and i wasn't going to postpone the trip to gikomba on such a tiny technicality. I set off to the treasure chest that is gikomba to get a couple of things.
Tees with good prints.
Shoes, comfortable.
Jacket, all weather.
Beenie hats.
The trick about shopping in gikomba or any other open-air market is to try and not have a very specific idea of what you want cz u'll miss the really cool stuff that wouldn't fit ur criteria to the tee. I was there for the better part of the morning 'korogain' for shoes and rummaging through piles of clothes just to get one or two items. In other words, i was exhausted by 1.30. I got most of what i wanted, walked to town and met my step-mother who insisted she needed to take me shopping. HELLO! i'm not 8yrs old and secondly, don't you think u're overstepping the boundary just a bit.
It's a conspiracy i tell you.
'Attack of the estranged non-relatives' ..


  1. woishe luv...utasurvive..and those are the consequences of not going shopping with me...hehehe..but I can tell HIM for you as well....

  2. i'm with Samson on this one....i cant tell HIM off for you if you want!

  3. hehehe! thanks but I'll just be passive aggressive.. it'll cause the least ripples.. :)