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Monday, August 8, 2011

of dreams and fears

i've been having dreams of a recurrent nature.. i'm always in a town looking for a way out.. last time i had the dream some person i can't remember and i were running away from a gang of bikers.. we found ourselves in the 'luthuli avenue' and 'gikosh' sides of the town seeking refuge in one sufuria molding station.. we finally thought we'd lost them when a kid showed up out of nowhere creating such a ruckus that they found us again.. we managed to narrowly escape but we were on the run from then on, through the clothing stalls.. i remember pretending to be someone's child to get them off my trail.. that's about all i can remember..
then there's the one where i cycled to town and back a couple of times througj what reminds me of thika road.. it was through sections of finished and unfinished roads and trenches.. i still can't remember why they're was an underground train pass and a drop off point to some establishment i always couldn't find myself at before 6pm... i remember my daring stunts though.. epic! but the dust reminds of another dream.. mombasa.. spirits.. adventure.. and my need to reach a certain hotel to no avail.. now more dreams keep popping up fron my subconscious.. the long dusty windy road which i drove through to evade my captures at the time and the most recent town dream about trying to find my way home.. losing my friends, then my way, my shoe went next but i was able to find my shoelace only to find i hadnt lost my shoes.. looking through a list of buses in the area only to realise i was already home and woke up..
i'm always afraid of being attacked or trying to find my way somewhere or looking for an answer.. i guess my dreams are trying to tell me there's nothing to be afraid of and that all the answers i need have been right here inside me the whole time..
time to face my fears

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