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Monday, January 23, 2012

everything in moderation

Seated on my bed ready to type up a post and I should be studying, I need to set my priorities straight.. Wait! I sorta am, inspiration over crude methods of cramming information I say, but only for a while.. :)

"Everything in moderation"

It's something I picked up from one of my high school English set books -The Enemy of the People- and it pretty much sums up the past few week or what I've been reflecting upon... In the book, Aslaksen speaks about moderation in plenty- the irony I tell you - and at the height of this conversation that includes Mr. Stockmann and his wife, Mr's. Stockmann iterates his point but in one final statement, "Everything in moderation". I remember thinking that Aslaksen belonged in a mad house, I think that about all my favourite characters in books- I think the nutty ones bring more life to the story as is in real life - but I never thought that those very words would ring clear in my head and actually bring sanity to all the corners of my mind -I lie, I fear my subconscious is just waiting in silence for all this positive energy to blow over so it can strike when my defences are down and let the madness take over-......... So my last post was really dark, I mean I know I'm dark, literally..

          Gosh! black hole , much?

I blew off some steam and after a lot of bad decisions and quick fixes things were back to how they belong and looking back on the whole thing I thought "if only I took things in moderation", one flashback later and everything was clear, my path enlightened by patience, my previous thoughts tossed in the trash and there was only space for what was coming next, life.... Funny, how our mind always find a way to revert to the same basic setting "living life" even after we clutter it with bull and nonsense... It felt good, realising that I wasn't as far off as I thought, just one small detour, but on some level I think life likes scaring us a bit as a way reminding us that we aren't in control and that things change in the same way philosophies followed today could easily be the bullshit of tomorrow...

Hopefully my new view on love won't be one of them,
 so here goes:

"Everything in moderation I say,
be it the skies, the moon or the day,
everything in small quantities,
a taste is all we really need....

Love ungrown but to the eyes perceived,
as trees in bloom out in the field,
Long to grab and hold and feed,
but body yet to form, a thought indeed...

Because for love two need to find,
the same feelings to which they bound,
all the expressions of which remind,
them that days go by but both stay in mind...

Before the womb expels it all,
the beauty formed, you must then call,
patience first must find its place,
within the walls to first embrace,
the seed of love to bear you fruit,
from there you shall merrily set foot
into the unknown where no one dares,
but the few who seek for what few men care...."

|Sigh No More - Mumford and Sons


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