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Monday, September 17, 2012

Calm Waters

I took my advice seriously
I slowed down and prioritized
It was different
The slowing down bit at least
Then it got to matters of the heart and I realised I wasn't being nice
Fine, I was being ass to Person of Interest
I was pushing them aside as I figured my shit out
It made sense then
But if they're supposed to be in my life in that capacity
Shouldn't I involve them in what's going on?
I really like them
Like A LOT!!!
And when I like someone that much I have to be able to tell you anything
I mean anything
If I can't ,

Anyway. we had a chat today
I opened up and explained how I was acting like a complete douche bag
Hiding away at home and detaching myself from them
I just got used to them not being around
They left the city for a month
The month that usually would be our honeymoon phase
So I got disoriented
Really disoriented......
My language of love is Physical Touch

Not the nasty
Get your mind out of the gutter

I mean like if I like someone
I show them love my rubbing their shoulder
Nudging them as we walk
Rubbing their thighs as we sit
Stuff like that, though the last one is only for Person of Interest

So you understand
I got used to them not being around
That's dangerous
Really dangerous
I mean I know I'm in relationship
But since I'm all confused and stuff
I just don't get why I don't feel connected
Only to realise it's all my fault for detaching

*que How Come Your Not Here by P!nk*

It takes me a while to process stuff like this
But I have
And we talked
We're good
They are really nice
I've never had nice
I've had "le passion"             *should be said in a thick Italian accent*
But nice feels good
I deserve nice
And they deserve me
All of me
No half baked excuse of 'commitment'
The whole package
The waters are calm
I like this feeling

| Truth about Love -P!nk

"The truth about love comes at 3am 
You wake up fucked up and you grab a pen 
And you say to yourself 
I'm gonna figure it out, I'm gonna crack that code 
Gonna break it break it down 
I'm tired of all these questions 
And, now it's just annoying 
Cause, no one has the answer 
So I guess it's up to me 
To find the truth about love "

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