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Monday, February 21, 2011

from gari with love

It was my best friends birthday two weeks ago and it being the last day of my first semester's finals it was definately a blessings from a blessing from the gods. So, 'we' got him the awesomest gift ever, two cards of different years that add up to his actual age (we're awesome like that) and I got him some super delicious hush cookies and boy, did we get high, okay, i got stoned and everyone enjoyed every moment of it.. :) I remember a lot dancing, swimming, running in circles, blacking out in some instances and having truck loads of fun since everyone was there and as well as the source of my emotional rollercoaster rides and general feeling of love . I liked it.

I needed a break from all the worrying and just enjoy life and as luck would have it i was starting my short break.. :) So, i took up watching bleach from scratch and as most of you know it's a quite a task in itself seeing as bleach has over 300 episodes under it's belt.. :) Anyway, that would take up my time in the house and distract me from my irrational fear of being hurt, emotionally. We said we'd start communicating more but it seems that I started and they stopped, not really stopped but the decline was drastic. There's that and this weird feeling I get when i get lectured-for luck of a better word- or feel a lecture coming on about something so lame like brushingmy hair in public-i used brushing because technically it's too short to comb.. :)-and showing up at their door step unannounced- well, isn't that what you call a surprise- because i wanted to spend time with them. I'm confused and not in a dumbfounded way but in a confused enough to laugh sort of way so I'm taking it easy and not letting it bother me..

I found myself at my favourite restaurant, gari on friday morning reading the art of war as i drank i ccup of tea. Nothing special happened after that apart from the sol filosofia album launch and it was AMAZING.. :)Got to buy their cd and fought my way through to get it autgraghed and it was totally worth it because their music is so upeat and frankly i like it more since it's kenyan. We really need to encourage more uprising talent to take it to the stage and sing their hearts out. Anyway, i feel like i should have paid more than 500shs for it but who am i to complain. I met every single one of my friends-obviously i didn't but it felt like it- and i really kept myself undercontrol concidering i wasn't quite sober. The night went on without a hitch and when the event was over i went to my friend's place for a sleepover and fun was definately had. We ended up making chips from scratch and i prepared my world famous kachumbari- a mix of tomatoes, onions, corriander leaves and a dash of vinegar and lemon juice- and fell asleep at around 4am. Ended up going to my dad's that evening. Always great spending time with my siblings and grand mother. Had a spat with my significant other on the very next day, sorted it out i guess and ended up in gari in the evening. I sure do love me some tea.

I guess my plan's working after all, time to live and let live. :)

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