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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What is a relationship anyway?

I'm not talking family and friends, I'm talking two people coming together to share in a bond wound by love. Gosh, that sounded corny. Anyway, what is a relationship anyway? Apparently, as predicted I don't get. I think a relationship is mostly about companionship. I want someone I can do things with, like go for a play, visit the nearest reserve, try new eateries together but my best friend told me those aren't the things you do with a 'lover', you do then with a 'best friend'.

So, what's a relationship then?

It can't be all about love. I have that but feel like I need more. Maybe this need i have to to get more from the relationship isn't what relationships are supposed to provide. Maybe to fully satisfy myself I need to know what I want and satisfy those needs on my own, and no, I don't mean sex. But on that point, you know you're uber deep in a thick gooey lake of love when you can't picture yourself with anyone other than your significant other. Isn't a relationship supposed to be hard, with temptations at every corner. Maybe I need to not be so in love to fall back in love. I know, I lost myself too. What I'm trying to say is, maybe I should stop obsessing over what the perfect person in my life should be like, stop trying to change who I'm already with and be content with what I've got and fill the void elsewhere. I don't mean cheating or anything close to it but if I want to stay in this relationship, I should plan my dream excursions with my friends.

What is a relationship?

It's anything you want it to be. And this moment, I can live with what I have, as imperfect as it is. In any case, haven't I learnt already? My needs come first so I should find any means possible to meet them. There's more than one way to skin a cat or kill a rat. :)

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