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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Worst week of my life

I guess I've had worse weeks before but this one takes the cake. Not because of the magnitude of the problens, they aren't that bad but it's the way they all came in. Actually, it's not really the worst week of my life, it's more like the worst year, or at least the beginning of it. First, there's the whole incident with my folks that lead to the 'trust' issue, and no, I don't mean a brand of condoms. Then there's the thing about my love life and how I don't really know what's going on. I think I'll touch on the latter at the end seeing as that's when I finally figure out what I want.

Last Saturday, my environmental youth group and I were in Dandora for a clean-up exercise for which took us close to about three months to actually plan for. We all had hope that this would be a better wat of creating awareness about climate change and our effect on the environment. So, there we we're in Dandora Secondary School, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrow's in hand ready to leave our mark on the residents of Dandora. Little did we know that it would be they that would leave a lasting impression on us. It's this simple, if the people of Dandora really wanted to live in a clean area, they would. We learnt this the hard way when they stole most of our equipment and offered us the garbage from their own homes to dispose of as they stood there watching us, some even shouting at us, telling us that it would be back to its usual dirty self in a week. I lost hope in human nature that day. The idealist in me got stopped in his tracks and told to face reality. And the reality is, that humans are a bunch of selfish, inconsiderate, back stabbing idiots. Okay, there are a select few that, like me think that the world has the ability to change for the better, but with everyone out for their own interests, is there hope?


  1. It all boils down to education; people need to be educated on WHY they should live in hygienic surroundings and the effect that the current state of things has on them. What you found there is what the people of Dandora have known their whole lives. From their point of view, the money they got by selling that shovel would have a more direct impact on their life than 'a little temporary cleanliness'.

    But I can imagine how disheartening it must feel to have your efforts rubbished. (no pun...)

    Your heart's in the right place though. :)

  2. I know but I learnt a lot that day.... but the most important was that I can't do it all on my own and that I need to get people to care as much as I do because that's the only way progress can be made... as one people, one planet, united... or at least enough of us to fight for change..

    I wish everyone's heart was too.. :) Get's lonely sometimes and the frustration is overwhelming...