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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Realisations : I have issues too. Darn! And the way I thought I was special.

It's Thursday night, edging closer to Friday night and that means I'll finally be able to facebook and tweet. I may have technically bent the rules and uploaded a few pictures from my phone. Fine! Facebook's motto's something along the lines of 'share and communicate with friends', so I haven't done the latter which is basically the only reason I went on this stupid break since i had become over-dependent and used it as my not-so-personal journal and spent ages texting and changing my status update every few seconds. :) .

Anyway, I spent this time doing my assignments, soul searching and waiting for this person to get a clue and figure out why I was so pissed. I guess that's the problem right there, I was waiting for you to read my mind and magically be able to solve it. Maybe I haven't been as open as I should be but that doesn't change the fact that I did feel that way. I'm happy we sorted things out but you have to keep the promises you made today. And I'll make sure you do, because I want things to work, yes, we aren't breaking up.

My resolutions
¤ To tell you when you piss me off when you actually do it so that you can do something about it.
¤ Force you into doing things I want done. I won't go into details.
¤ Give you a month to sort things out or call it quits. My heart can't take another bump on the road.
¤ Not let you walk all over me like a doormat.
The need to do these things would be unnecessary if you only put me into consideration when doing anything pertaining to our relationship. Let's just see how things go, I have confidence in you.

My relationship's better now, my life's been sorted as we speak and I'm confident this will be great year.

|Haiya - Harry Kimani

"Harry Kimani puts me in a trance.. Thank you for making such beautiful music.. :) "

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