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Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Babies

This post goes out to all those amazing October babies out there and you guessed it, I'm one too.

I never really get what the big deal is with new years and all those resolutions people set when they really should be setting them on their birthdays. It makes sense that way because it's literally the start of a new year in your existence. This year I've pretty much been all over the place thinking about growing up and what exactly I should do about it.

Should I act older?
Should I act my age?
Should I act younger cz I can get away with it?????

Anyway, I figured all I can do is just live by the day and do what is required of me in different situations. Basically maturity is knowing how to act, matching your situation with the relevant trait.

My resolutions.....

*drum rolls please*

1.Go to all the events I want to
2.Study during the day even if my schedule is tighter than most headlocks in most wrestling shows
3.Find my purpose
4.Be a nag - If I really want something I should fight for it
5.Get better at driving
6.Get a camera
7.Leave the country at least once
8.Don't date


The list goes on and on and on but generally, I need to be a better person this year...

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