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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OMG! I'm grown up..

I'm seventeen..
Two more days and I'm legal.. :-) .. I know I shud be happy getting to this iconic stage of my life, my independence.. But to be honest, I'm already independent.. The things I shud be looking forward to I've already done..

I can rave..
I shud be all happy that I can rave openly now n not all secretly like my teenage counterparts but I dnt drink n rave though so no biggy ..

Get to vote!!
I've already voted so that's outta the way ..

My own bank account..
Owned one long enough to get my atm card stolen.. lol ..

My national ID...
I've been using my passport for a while now with no issues so no difference there..

I guess what I'd consider as a milestone is finding myself, spiritually.. Finding Friends.. I joined Quakerism.. Not because I needed a religion or an identity but because it represents what I've always stood for and knew in my heart.. :-) .. And I feel at home..

My only issue is that I just don't want to lose my youth.. Not my charmingly good looks-had to put that in there.. :-) - or my youthful energy but my childish spirit.. That spark that makes me, me.. My essence, my soul, my life.. God! ..

I know my whole life's ahead of me so I really am going to live life to the fullest.. :-) ..

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