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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mashujaa Day

Finally, a kenyan holiday without all that fake arse pomp n glory but one that actually means something to the people..
Mashujaa mainly means heroes in swahili so we set this day aside to pay tribute to them.. Formally Kenyatta day, the new constitution made a memorable holiday into a day that everyone can use to turn the looking glass inward and find that someone who's greatly impacted on their life..
So, who is that person?? Who is my hero?? ..
The usual suspects..
Mi mum
(She's really been my inpiration all my life)
Mahatma Gandhi
(bless his soul)
Cpt. Jack Harkness
(Someone I can finally relate to)
(Cz you showed me what it really means to be in love)

My Mashujaa day was spent at home watching Torchwood.. lol .. thus the Cpt. Jack Harkness reference.. Didn't go to Woogie's coz school's starting to take away my soul.. :( Will get to meet W during the week so no biggie.. Anyway, my heroes really mean alot to me and basically shape my life and for that I say,
Thank you all.. =D

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