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Friday, November 12, 2010


I haven't written or even drafted a post in a while. You could call it writer's block but I'd call it 'lack of an opinion'. My posts are influenced by what revolves around me, a feeling, my experiences and those of others as well. Masculinity has always been a subject I could never sink my teeth into and fully understand. You could say the lack of male role models may have contributed to my lack of 'need' to do what I find most men do so flawlessly. But I'd argue that what people deem as masculine is based on what the society has influenced men to become through the remnants of older generations and behavioral traits. Case in point, most people would describe German men as cold, distant n devoid of empathy. That's what masculinity is defined as there, no matter how odd you may think it may be.
In my society, masculinity is based on three main things; beer, sports and promiscuity. Everything else relates to these three one way or another. My problem is this rigid box that all men are kept in and how lonely the outskirts of this 'box' are. You could argue that if you break the confines of this box, freedom and inward growth would be found but at what price??
If you aren't masculine then what are you? effeminate?? As a self-proclaimed non-conformist, my view is that people should live their lives as they want to. Life is too short to throw away living someone elses life. I am outside that box. No guidelines, no footprints, nothing but the beating of my heart to guide me to a much better existance. It's not a need to rebel but a need to be free. I don't want to sit down in a pub watching a football game with me mates or pick up fights to prove my selfworth. I want to explore the landscapes, take in the richness of cultures, swim in the pool of diversity and be a better me. I will not be bogged down.


  1. 'Born this way' sums this post up.. :)
    One more step towards finding myself..
    yaey me!! :)