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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I want to be friday so bad!!!

Sitted outside alliance, enjoying the breeze since the blasted day was so effing hot.. My shorts n sandles didn't make a difference btw..
Orientation week has been unpleasant.. Long arse lectures about God knows what, delayed registration, the realisation that I'll probably live with my mum till I'm thirty and the seemingly long distances I have come to walk daily are taking it's toll on me.. I'm not going to as happy as I thought.. People are starting to bond on campus while I stay home cooking, serving food and wishing I was some place else.. I'll probably make friends later but not close life friends.. Go out a couple times n then what?? .. Uni life sucks on my end.. Guess I'll never fit in..

Just wish today wud hv be friday so that I'd be more relaxed n less tired.. Can my life get any worse?? Wait!! Jinxed it.. ««low battery»»

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