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Monday, October 11, 2010

Last day of freedom.. Education awaits..

It's monday, the 11th of October, my last day as a carefree, living-for-the-day, plotless youth..
Tomorrow I start my tertiary education.. Today, on the other hand has been fine bt had a gruesome afternoon with endless queues-I'm writing this post in one- to say the least..
Woke up early got to town early enuf-with help from mother dearest-to get space in the alliance library-watched E.T en français.. It was rather intresting watching E.T explain that he had to contact his home.. "E.T .. Telephoner.. Maison" .. N Elliot all flabbergasted seeing as E.T can speak.. "Il parlè" .. Anyway, Steven Spielberg did a great job directing it.. Truly a classic.. Had a sudden urge for Najmi's kebab and chips-this has got nothing to do with the free tomato sauce but has everything to do with how they make them taste so vegetarian- .. I did go vegan once for about a month until my weight reduced tremendously n I figured I'd disappear into oblivion.. Met up with Goth Princess n shared my meal.. Walked around with her as we talked about how badly I need to learn how to use my photoshop n my solution, tutorials, they're just a mouse click away.. We parted ways n she was off to her usual business.. Made it back uptown to sit down n read a few pages of my current book, 'Man and Boy' before I was off n around town standing in long queues paying or withdrawing sums of money for school..
I'm about to start on the journey that's going to shape my life.. With less years on my belt n as much experience as most of my peers.. These days have to be the best days of my life.. New experiences, new surroundings, new friends n sme old ones and a new outlook on life.. Let's see how tomorrow goes.. :) .. Can't wait..

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