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Monday, May 3, 2010

relationship aftermath

Dealing with exes is both tiring and a mind game. Sure you want to seem over each other when your not and look like you’ve moved on when you’re stuck in relationship limbo and they've apparently got new bait. And the sad thing this whole mess is that you weren't really in love and your attempts at looking miserable work out too well. Being exes is hard enough without the weird after friends effect. You know. When you were friends before then you become more than that then you end up as friends by default because your friends are friends and all you want to do is be friendly and all your attempts seem like feeble attempts of getting them back then you try not to seem too involved then you end up looking like the bad guy. Truth be told I am moving on and the sad thing is I don't want you to know,not because I'm being defensive or anything,It's just because you are too so by looking all sad and single you have a better chance of doing so.
I want us to be friends and all but you make it so hard with your boyish attempts at making me feel bad. I don't want to see who you've moved on with I just want us to be strings deep rooted feelings of revenge..none of that ,just pals..that's all I want..

| this ain't a love song-scouting for girls

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