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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the human psyche

You know how that saying goes.."the older you get the wiser you get"?? Well,I don't think that saying was talking about me.I'm not blowing my own horn but I think I"m an old soul.That's the only reasonable explanation to why I'm so philosophical. Todays thought revolves around the human need to want more.
From experience I've drawn that I always need something,someone or anything just to make me a bit happier. If it's that special someone or that lovely cologne or even that day out just chilling I always want something and when my mum said these words something just clicked, " Why do our stomachs never get full. Why are we always hungry?? ".
Why is it we are all filled with this need to want so much? World domination, a better lover, just one more pair of shoes,that coat in the window-because it's whey better than the one i bought last week-, a larger house, a better job, a better life and even when we get it all we still want it all.
Maybe colonize a planet or two, be God and some other overly ambitious plots and schemes. Why can't we just be content when we get there? When we have that steady job, monthly savings scheme, that soul-mate you aren't to fond of because you think you're to good for them? Why aren't we content?? Happy with what you want rather than furious at what we can't get and just live.

#Smile like you mean it-The killers

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