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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the epitome of venting

This is my predicament. I haven't applied for uni yet. I know, i know, i should have done it three months ago but I was BUSY.. And not BUSY-African style- I mean BUSY-like working in a job busy-. The thing is I have till 14th of May to do IT but I haven't cleared with my school yet-which seems to be bearing no fruits- and I have to clear my fees-not the exaggerated 11,000 shs they say i had but the 4,000 shs I know I didn't pay only because it's for some bogus tuition we supposedly got but didn't- then pay for an application then apply then wait to get in then worry about how I'll pay for it all.
Life is just the ish,isn't it? Worries at every turn with random sporadic jolts of fun and then some. Truth be told I'm usually positive and all but COME ON can't a guy get a break?? Scratch that,I Anyway,I'm marching myself over to that school early in the morning with my receipts at hand and getting myself signed out. And that's is going to happen whether you like it or not universe. Kiss my cosmic butt and then some.
Anyway,enough about that,let's go to my love life. I'm still searching but I think I found one. You know who u are. Anyway,our late night calls and texts just lit up my heart and I'm sprang. Given my past and my vow to fall in love you have another thing coming. No holding back,no cheating-or attempted cheat or not really cheating but pretend-to-cheat-so-you'd-break-up-with-me cheating. So,I'll tell you when it all gets juicy.

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