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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The End, For Now.... It's all about Sorting the Clutter

It has been a while since I blogged.

It's not that I don't have anything to say, or that I have too much to say but that I don't think I should be sharing it. Most of the time when I'm seated at my desk as I am right now, I'm always torn between sharing as much as I should while not caring or not sharing as much while completely loosing the point all together. In a perfect world I'd love to share as much as I could on all the ups and downs I encounter through the journey that is my life but sadly, I can't.

I don't fear rejection or judgment, I thrive on it. I think sometimes human beings need a kick in the butt, that's what reality is, a never ending reminder that you are less important than you think you are. What really has changed is my reason for blogging. Sitting now, I feel the flow of words and emotions filling me up and flowing onto my screen and I love it. I used to blog to share but now I feel like that changed. I started blogging to think. And how can I possibly think when I can't share all the thoughts in my head. I'm in awe at all the wonderful bloggers out there that put in all their heart and soul into sharing and changing the world. I love it.

I'm not quitting. I'll still blog but privately. My mind can't contain all my thoughts, but neither can my open blog. If you feel this blog has helped you in any way, kindly post a comment and I might be convinced to blog about the stuff that really matters but only if you need me to.

So it's the end, for now.... Just to sort out the clutter.

P.S I have two last posts from a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiile back, when I was about 18. They aren't the happiest of posts but they are real.


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