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Monday, August 27, 2012

26/02/08 - My First Entry

How frightening to know that the world is black and white and I am the only unique colour around. 
A blood shot grey, I believe I am but this I do not choose.
To the eyes of the world I am indeed an outcast that was cast out by birth.
Through out my life, no colour I see apart from my blood stained grey.
My life I live so steadily to find my heart is torn between what I know and feel and what I should know and feel.
Can anyone relate to me , this I don't know but the fact remains that I shall for now be a bloodshot grey, unseen by the black and white world around.
A pigment only evil can represent but whose choice was not mine.
Can't anyone see beyond my blemish and see a person within that should live to amaze and live to live a life of happiness?
Many are the days that my words kept me company and were my only comfort for the world sees as this but not as a being, a being with much to offer than misery and shame.
But all I wish is for the world to see me as me, as a whole and not a part that I alone, hate.

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