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Saturday, March 3, 2012

*looks up into the sky* "REALLY???"

Okay, February was an extremely dull month, fine, I went to really cool concerts and had maard fun out and stuff but generally when it came to my love life, it was well non-existent............. I'd love to say by choice, which in actual sense is true but I'll go right ahead and say the gods were conspiring against me because I like feeling like I let random things happen instead of the truth, which is I like being in control ... I mean, the universe kept giving me opportunities to score(I mean figuratively speaking, like a striker hitting the ball into the rectangular thing... O_o) like summer fling who was perfect for me but lives about 1000 kilometres away from here... *sighs*, person X who was really nice but who was too connected to my friends... *awkward*, person Y who I really liked but friend-zoned me, fine they're allowed to do that too (no double standards here :-P ) but I couldn't just be their friend, it was going to be agonizingly painful so I pulled the old "it's not you, it's me" card and we aren't even dating.. I know I'm a sick guy, but it was better than having them constantly reminding me of what we could be by being in their presence.. Three awesome people, stupendously unbearable situations.. REALLY??? 

I decided to just kick back and rest after all that, in any case my semester was ending and I had two weeks to reboot and laze around....... which I did....

*fast forwards to present*

I'm back in school, sorta, our lecturers are being thick headed, comes with being in public school. Two weeks into the semester and only three out of eight have shown up... sigh! We usually understand if they skive the first week but two weeks in a row, REALLY????

Figured It wasn't in my control so I'd just complain to the chairman of the faculty and see how things go. Next week better include a whole lot more learning because I cannot head into town and waste a whole day doing absolutely nothing.... That's about it when it comes to school.. I was looking forward to just focusing on books this semester then out comes the sugar coated candy from hell...... temptation reincarnated....

..... Pino Colada
..... Mon Capitano
..... Maxi Me

And I thought February was a death trap, I just walked into hell....... Same script, different cast.... Pino Colada's perfect... There's a spark, a wild one, not static, lightening and it's AMAHZING!!! buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I don't think they like me as much as I thought or our busy schedules just make things worse,,, Sigh! Mon Capitano, formerly friend-zoned..... should have kept them there... Yikees! Maxi Me, one word, "average" but in a freakishly satisfying way but there's a catch, they are in a relationship...


I know, I shouldn't even be going there............. All I'm left thinking is REALLY???

I either have no idea what I'm doing with my love life (Erk! I really should find another word for what this is) or I'm getting what I really need but don't know it yet...

Sigh! I just need a clue.... 
*looks back*
I think I got one....

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  1. again totally love your blogg!!!REALLY?!?!?!