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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Never Ending Cycle

I'm basically looking back at my posts to try and figure out why I'm always stuck in the same situations.


Boy goes on date.
Boy meets individual.
Boy flirts with individual.
Individual flirts back.
Boy thinks things are going well.
Boy never meets individual again.


Boy meets interesting individual.
Boy and individual get close.
The sex is great.
Boy catches feelings.
Individual doesn't want to be in a state where feelings exist.
Boy pretends to not have feelings.
Feeling leak.
Feelings really leak.
Boy becomes hotbed of feelings.
Individual backs away.
Boy turns into a stalker.


Boy meets individual.
Individual instantly likes boy.
Boy doesn't feel the same way.
Boy pulls away because he doesn't want to hurt individual's feelings.
Individual gets feelings hurt regardless of what boy does.

On their own, these scenarios can be handled.
However, on some days like today, when they are happening at once, life can seem like it is kicking you in the balls.
I just want to be with someone that gets me and wants to be with me, that I like back and wants to do stuff.
Is that too much to ask for?


  1. Your writing resonates with me I'd like to get in touch

  2. Your writing resonates with me I'd like to get in touch